Pennsylvania currently ranks 46th in the country in public education funding. This lack of investment in Pennsylvania’s education system forces residents living within the boundaries of the North Penn and Wissahickon school districts to bear the fiscal burden of education funding. This current "borrow and spend" form of funding is unsustainable and must be reformed.

Despite the local funding problem, we are fortunate that our district’s public schools are exceptional. Every child deserves this type of quality education. Harrisburg, however, has a history of threatening the strength and future of our public schools. Whether it be the funneling of taxpayers’ money to private charter schools or cuts to education funding, the quality and longevity of our children’s education can hinge on just one vote.

Liz will fight to reform education funding in a way that removes the fiscal burden levied upon local taxpayers. As an advocate for children her entire life, Liz will continue to ensure that our local public schools remain strong, that our teachers are valued, and that taxpayers’ dollars are invested wisely.

Job creation & fair wages

It is essential that job creation and access to fair, strong wages become a top priority in Harrisburg. Grappling with the changing economy, workers are seeking job-training to compete in the workforce. Wracked with student debt, recent graduates are looking for jobs that pay strong wages. Faced by wage discrimination, women are still fighting to receive equal pay for equal work in Pennsylvania. Liz will support the hardworking men and women across Pennsylvania. She will invest in our workers, fight to enhance equal opportunity, and help establish Pennsylvania as a leader in the national economy.

reforming harrisburg

We have all witnessed the consequences of electing politicians who focus solely on preserving their jobs and protecting special interests, while remaining deaf to the needs of their constituents. No matter our political leanings, we have all experienced being on the receiving end of political gamesmanship. We have felt the frustration of promises upended. We have had enough of political expediency trumping difficult political decisions that could improve our lives and their lives of our loved ones.

The retention rate of representatives in Harrisburg is 97 percent. Imagine working a job, performing poorly, and having only a three percent chance of being fired. Harrisburg is broken, and we have the power to fix it. It’s time to elect representatives who will put people ahead of politics.

As our representative, Liz will give voice to the concerns and priorities of her entire constituency. She will support a “no budget, no pay” law that stops legislators from being paid when they fail to do their job. Liz will work to ensure that public officials hold no more than one government job and that state legislators can not continue to take advantage of long-standing perks like per diems and free cars, and will fight back against Harrisburg's culture of corruption.

Fairness & Equality

We have a diverse population in Pennsylvania, and we must continue to grow and learn from our diversity. All people should feel secure, protected, and safe within their community. It is the job of our elected officials to ensure that all citizen are protected. Pennsylvanians of all races, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and religions should be able to live safe and successful lives in our district. Liz will advocate for marginalized members of our community whose basic rights are being violated and whose voices are being silenced. She will fight to enact laws that will protect all Pennsylvanians.


No person should have to forego medical treatment, or insurance coverage, so that they can afford to live. It is crucial that we fight protect and expand access to affordable, quality, and comprehensive healthcare in Pennsylvania. With the current Congressional majority set on repealing the Affordable Care Act, one and a half million Pennsylvanians stand to lose access to healthcare. It is incumbent on Harrisburg to protect our citizens from threats at the federal level.

Liz fundamentally believes that a price tag should never stand in the way of life-saving treatment. She will forcefully defend our residents’ access to affordable healthcare. Liz will protect our seniors’ access to Medicare in their retirement, and she will defend women's right to safe reproductive healthcare.

gun protection

The safety of our citizens should never take second place to the corporate interests. Liz will be a dedicated advocate for advancing common sense gun control across Pennsylvania. She will fight to expand comprehensive universal background checks and will support legislation that would ban bump stocks throughout the Commonwealth. Liz will work to protect the authority of municipalities to enact their own gun protection laws without threat of legal challenges from the NRA or gun manufacturers.

Disability Rights

People with disabilities constitute the largest minority group in the nation. Many live with significant obstacles to mobility, cognition, hearing, vision, independent living, and self-care education. Roadblocks to jobs, education, social opportunities and housing for persons with disabilities persist despite Federal, State and Local efforts.

61 million US adults – about 1 in 4 Americans – have a disability that impacts a major part of their life.  With age, disabilities become more common. There is a significant negative relationship between disability and economic status. As income decreases, the likelihood of developing a disability increases; persons with disabilities are faced with greater economic challenges. Yet, we still fail to adequately fund the public resources necessary to support individuals who live with a disability.

Together, with law enforcement officers and first responders, legislators must commit to keep everyone, including persons with disabilities, safe from crime, including hate crimes. Liz will work with municipal workers to train first responders on how to best work with persons with disabilities, and will fight against any actions that eliminate preexisting conditions in health plans, or proposals that would determine the ACA’s protections for preexisting conditions unconstitutional. Learn more